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Relief from Sciatica Pain

  • Tired of debilitating sciatic pain?
  • Do you feel frustrated/ guilty because of your physical limitations?
  • Is your pain destroying your quality of life?
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What is Sciatica pain?

  • The Sciatic nerve is the largest single nerve in the human body, running from the lower back, through the buttock and down the back of each leg.
  • Inflammation or compression of the nerve at the point of origin causes the following symptoms:
    • Leg pain – constant or intermittent.
    • Tingling, numbness or even weakness in your leg.
    • Sharp pain when walking or standing.
    • Difficulty moving your foot or even toes.
    • Pain is localised to one side of the body.
    • Pain can be infrequent or constant and debilitating.

Sciatica Pain Treatment from a Chiropractor.

  • Adjustments and corrections of spine, to enable the body to heal.
  • Pain relief by correction of spinal irregularities.
  • Specialised massage therapy as required.

How Chiropractic Treatment Works.

  • Qualified experts, use their hands, and sometimes small objects, to apply measured pressure (sometimes sudden) to various bones, and the spine.
  • Parts of the spine are manipulated to re-align the body’s musculoskeletal structure, and this enhances the body’s physical processes, including its ability to heal.
  • Treatment also includes areas which may have become inflamed as a result of compensation for the primary injured or afflicted areas.
  • Immediate pain relief can also result from the Chiropractic adjustments, however, healthy rehabilitation usually requires multiple treatments, sometimes over an extended length of time.

Why Dr. Spine?

  • Our team of specialists have vast experience in the field.
  • We see each patient as an individual with specific needs.
  • Our experts make the latest in Chiropractic technology and treatment available in Bangalore.
  • We offer the best treatment and care available, at prices patients can afford.
  • We make a commitment to walk alongside patients on the road to recovery.
  • We invest time and patience for a gradual, steady recovery, as opposed to a short-term quick fix.
  • Advanced Analysis and investigations conducted prior to diagnosis.
  • Treatment plans are tailor-made and include regular follow-up appointments.
  • Drugs and surgery are seen as last resorts, and treatments are aimed at promoting and enhancing the well-being of the patient’s entire body.
  • We care about keeping our patients pain free and helping them to get their lives back.

Some Success Stories

Dolly Talwar

I came with back pain, especially when I am standing for long time but after the treatment I am much better now I can stand for an hour without pain I am happy now.

Dolly TalwarDr.Spine Patient

I am suffering from chronic back pain from 4 years, various treatment were of no use after visiting Dr Jason I have taken treatment for 2 days so far I am able to walk better painless.

Result : Was able to walk in just two sessions even at age 83, age is no bar for chiropractic

SwaminathanDr.Spine Patient
Akshata Joshi

I wanted to give this a shot after trying physio and resting but in a profession like dancing we need instant results.And this has definitely helped release by back hopefully will be completely fine after the remaining 4 sessions.

Akshata JoshiDr.Spine Patient
Ekalavya Rao

I have been going to a Chiro for the past 4 years, I started with Dr Spine in Jan this year after a break of 2 years, It has been great. I have a lot of energy and I am able to cope with the bumpy roads while riding on the bike.

Ekalavya RaoDr.Spine Patient

Even if you feel as though you have tried everything – you haven’t tried us.

Many of our patients have tried and come to trust our services and undisputable results – you can too.

The road to a pain-free, healthy life starts right here…

We want to talk about you.  More specifically, we want to hear about your pain and how we can help you get your life back.  Even if you have tried everything without relief – let us help you with the latest specialised Chiropractic techniques at affordable rates.

Get Your Life Back

Are your tired of living at the mercy of incapacitating pain that decreases your mobility and your relationships?  Do you feel as though your family and friends don’t understand how severe your pain is, and does this make you feel frustrated and even guilty because you simply can’t do everything you want/ need to?  We can change that.


Not everyone understands how debilitating Sciatica can be.  At Dr. Spine, we fully realise that Sciatica can completely destroy your quality of life.  For this reason, we devote our time and professionalism to helping our patients find real relief, that will last far beyond the effects of symptom-masking drugs.  We help our patients to find long-term relief that will vastly improve their lives!

The Sciatic nerve is the largest single nerve in the human body.  It runs from the lower back, through the buttock and down the back of each leg.  Symptoms can sound benign to a non-sufferer, but if you are reading this, chances are that you are familiar with any of the following symptoms: –

  • Leg pain, which can be constant or intermittent.
  • Tingling, numbness or even weakness in your leg.
  • Sharp pain when walking or standing.
  • Difficulty moving your foot or even toes.

In most cases, pain and other symptoms associated with Sciatica are usually only localised to one side of the body.  Some patients experience infrequent pain that is aggravating, and others are in constant pain, that is nothing short of debilitating, if not excruciating at times!

Treatment Options

Accepted treatment options of Sciatic pain and inflammation often include use of medication and even surgery.  At Dr. Spine, our team of experts consider these as a last resort only, because both avenues can compromise the patient’s health unnecessarily.  For instance, the use of drugs can have other negative health implications in exchange for relief that is only for a limited period.

Surgery on the other hand, is only the best avenue in the minority of cases.  There are many new, advanced treatments available at Dr. Spine, that can bring patients permanent relief without ever needing surgery.

Chiropractic treatment is sometimes negatively viewed as simple spinal adjustment.  This is a very inaccurate view.  Chiropractic treatment is a holistic approach to bring the patient long-lasting relief, while promoting health and well-being in the whole body.  In short, it can be life changing!  Less expensive and invasive than surgery and drug use, Chiropractic treatment aims to correct the physical conditions causing pain and equipping the patient to live in a way that will be conducive to a pain-free lifestyle.  This is done through spinal corrections and adjustments, that will not only bring relief from pain and symptoms, but also maximise the body’s ability to heal.

At Dr. Spine, our patients have access to leading specialists in the field, that not only have vast experience between them, but are also well versed in the latest international standards and breakthroughs in Chiropractic technologies and techniques.  We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, and see each of our patients as a unique case, requiring specialised care.

What Can You Expect?

From the first consultation, you can be assured of our team’s commitment to walk alongside you through your journey to a healthy, pain free life.  We are realistic about the fact that this will not happen overnight and that in order for the benefits and results to be long-term, progress will need to be gradual but steady.  The prospect of investing that amount of time and energy in working relationships with our patients is not a frightening one.

We are also very intentional about getting to know you and familiarising ourselves with your condition.  Our process begins with our free call back to you, to establish an appointment.  Then your first consultation with us will enable us to better understand your condition.  You will be asked to fill out some forms, to not only enable us to stay in contact with you, but also to help us better understand your health and lifestyle, and how these can be improved to free you from pain.

This will be followed by physical investigations that will test the condition of your nerves, spine, bones and joints.  Sometimes patients require further x-rays, and these, as with all our tests and treatments, are done only with the patient’s consent.

These advanced analyses usually give our specialists a very accurate idea of what is causing a patient’s pain.  From there, the journey to recovery takes shape with the prescription of suitable treatments, medication where required.  Personalised recommendations for exercises and nutritional regimens are also made, that will enhance the healing process and limit opportunities for the recurrence of injury.

The patient’s progress is closely monitored over the next 3-4 months and follow-up treatments are scheduled according to each patient’s special needs.  You are not alone in this journey and our experts care about your recovery.

What are you waiting for?

If you have not yet accepted our invitation to let us call you back, and start your pain relief today, what are you waiting for?  Our professional approach to helping our patients to live healthy pain-free lives, is at your disposal today, book your free appointment today!

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